Meet the Next Best Thing in Health.

Our Nutrient-Dense Superfood Energy Bar.

It’s never been easier to eat your Superfoods. These bars are loaded with nutrient-dense goodness from seeds, nuts, mushrooms, fruits, and veggies. Plus, they are absolutely delicious! Eat one for your health and to satisfy your sweet tooth without any guilt! Finally!!

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It is Mind Blowing Really

These bars are Delicious Superfoods Smooshed Together into a Bar. That’s it! No preservatives, Non-GMO verified, no fillers! Just amazing delicious superfoods. Let me Obsess about Micronutrients, Minerals and Phytonutrients for You. You just have to eat and enjoy the bar!  Eat a different functional bar a day to help you feed your health. Strategically sourced ingredients from around the world by nutrient density and flavor.  Finally a delicious nutrient bar without added sugar!

Mood Health Bar

Gut/Belly Health Bar

Iron Bar

Brain Health Bar

Potassium Bar

Calcium Bar